Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fastest Way to Failure

Here is the fastest way to failure if that is what you are trying to achieve!

Now that I have your attention. 97% of all online businesses lose money. That is terrible and totally skewed... The biggest problem is that most of those failures came from following the get rich quick promises made by a site that may or may not have been a scam.
You see the numbers and the talk of what they earn in only 24 hours and that the business will work for you and the hook is in, all that is left is to take the money......
So you spend your money and site and wait..... Amazing nothing happens... Failure.. Scam.... Rip off....
Or you spend your money to learn how the big boys earn millions online every day....
All you have to do is follow step by step what they do and you can be a millionaire too.....
It really is not a surprise that the failure rate is so high online....

Before you spend a dime on anything!
You have got to understand that you are starting a business, and that means that you are working. It may be working for yourself instead of someone else but you are still working. Nothing is over night or totally self running. It takes time and commitment to make any business a success. Out here and on the street the same rule applies, no customers mean no business..... Now out here those customers are called traffic or conversion rates but they are people just like you and me.
Most everyone trying to start an online business has been burned at least twice so your business is on shaky ground right from the start. You really do have to make sure that you are going to be able to give the support that is needed for whatever business you want to start out here. Don't just pick one off the shelf and hope it runs itself without any snags because no matter how good that program or site or product is the Law of Murphy will always show its ugly head. When that happens you have to be there for support. That support of your clients will win their trust more than any hype or advertising banner... My grandfather once told me that if you take care of your people they will take care of your business. I have found that to be true in both good times and hard times.
Right now is probably the best time in the world to start a business for one simple reason. The economy is so bad that it can only get better and there is such a large pool of people who need help that the growth potential for any online business is unlimited.
But you have to work and that means a schedule that you follow daily, weekly and monthly. Unless you are a sales marketing Midas then don't expect to become a millionaire over night. It takes around 90 days for the search engines to index any site no matter who is submitting it or how much it costs. You can pay the search engines to index the site sooner but the object is to make money not spend it. You will have to reinvest enough once your business starts to earn an income.
Take the time or fail. It really is that easy... You have to get people to your site or your affiliate link in order to have any chance of making a sale.
The same holds true for the blogging for dollars group. If no one visits the blog your
AdSense ads are not going to earn a dime.
Here is a rule of thumb for you, it takes around 3000 visits from the traffic exchanges to make a sale, 1000 from emails or safe lists per sale. Now also on emails and safe lists you can only count on maybe 7% of those emails actually generating a visit to your site. Sad but true. It would be nice if your safe list of 50,000 actually generated 50,000 visits but it is more likely 3500 and that is only if you really get to mail all 50,000 at once. Now I know this sounds like doom and gloom but it really is not. Just like your mother or grandmother said don't put all your eggs in one basket. Do Not Rely On One Source of Traffic. By that I mean don't only surf the traffic exchanges, and don't only send out emails, or don't only use classified ads or even Google or Yahoo or any other pay per click advertising.
But never forget that you have got to stay consistent with your efforts. Yes the search engines will find your site eventually but you may be in the poor house long before that happens. Get the traffic to your business yourself, and be nicely surprised when the search engines come into play.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earn Extra Income at Home

OK, so they say you can make an income from home by using AdSense and Link share and other such places and it may well be possible however it is not instant and it is not something that you can do in 5 minutes once a week. If those people exist they are very quiet about how they have been able to do this. The only thing that keeps this going is that I personally like to write these little observations even if no one is there to read them. Oh I have looked at the keyword list and how to put the proper buzz words into a story but then what is supposed to be something of interest becomes nothing but one big ad space with no information. The only problem is that it takes time to be found on the web and that in itself is enough to stop most people from building any kind of income. Places like My Power Mall promise instant money and even though it may be possible if all everyone does is grow the market without buying anything then even though that is a great idea and planning to help children it will implode just like all other multi level markets. I truly hope it does succeed because I do support the idea of helping children with the profits and I am one of those people who shop online. Other than that I just keep putting my observations down in these little blogs for the sake of getting things off my chest. It would be nice if you could lump all the ripoff out here in one spot and then delete them or quarantine them like a virus but then sooner or later the lawyers would get involved and the freedom of the net would be gone. So it is definitely buyer beware out here. Money can be made most definitely or the web would have crashed long ago ( It cost money to buy and run a computer you know that right?) ---sorry couldn't help myself.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Extra Income Resource

Check out My Power Mall as a possible extra income resource. It's free to set up and has a side benefit that if this takes off it will help children in need. Just watched the promotion for the business and that was one of the pledges that they made. I then went to the site and yes it is a full mall with plenty of shopping available and sure enough there was the sponsored child's picture right on the first page. I will be checking this out further since we do shop online and write up my opinions. Better still go join yourself and make your own mind up. To me if its for real, and it looks like it is, and it is going to help children instead of rip someone off that is a win, win proposition.
You can check it out for yourself at
Oh and I do hope that my picture here with Tyson playing parrot and Chya the overgrown lap dog does not give you nightmares.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home Based Business Opportunity Tests

We are going to make a living with this?
Well that is what all the make money at home sites swear can be done.
With the family situation that we have this is a prospect that just had to be explored with the hopes that it was true. Yes it would be great to become millionaires but all we are searching for is a way to make a comfortable income that allows us to be at home to take care of the family and pets. To that end we have explored quite a few of the work at home and more often than not found them to be nothing more than scams or multi level markets that have only one goal and that is to sell their market plan.
Others are real estate investing secrets exposed. These promise to make you millionaires if only you follow the plan to the letter. An example buy houses with no money down. Sounds too good to be true. Or the buy foreclosed houses for pennies on the dollar and sell them for huge profits.
These are some of the types of things we have looked into only to find that as far as real estate goes this is about the worse time in history to even try that venture unless you are already a millionaire and happen to have a construction crew just waiting to rebuild the houses you buy.
Not to mention that running all around the city or county is hardly what can be considered a home based business. Home office yes, home based no.
As for the multi level marketing plans these make money for the people who originally start them but they are like the pyramid scams the longer they are in operation the more new people it takes to keep it going. Bottom line is if there is no product that the customers would want to buy other than the market plan you will lose your money nine times out of ten.
Just like any business its the product that makes the money and allows whatever sales delivery system to work.
Now all of this is common sense we realize that but it is very hard to remember when you are getting blasted by all the testimonials and promises from someone wanting to separate you from your money. They are highly motivated to get you to join their business because that's how they make money. Not to mention you may not even be dealing with a human at all because there are some very sophisticated programs out there that automatically send out regular emails and even targeted videos. When you get these emails your first thought is that it has been personalized just for you and that someone is at the other end. Well it was personalized just for you but it was a program not a human that did it. Now our thoughts on these type of market programs is that if there is a product to sell this could be a great way to earn an extra income. But again it is multi level marketing so the odds of becoming a millionaire are slim at best.

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